Version 1.0
Your personal financial assistant to track expenses on the go, all in real time!
Gingerly is a free, ambient sensing mobile application, that predicts your next transaction and helps you gain insight into your personal finances. So the next time you crave for your favorite Latte or Cappuccino, let your phone be your (financial) savior - Gingerly will notify your current budget status even before you order that drink!
  • Smart ambient sensing algorithm notifies you - even when the app is not open.
  • Only enter the amount - leave the rest (location, time, category, etc.) to the app.
  • Learns your spending pattern based on time and location.
  • Scan and view receipts based on your location.
  • Generate expense reports and send them from the app.
  • Completely Free!
Download Gingerly Expense Tracker Requires Android 2.3 or higher. WiFi, Edge, or 3G network connection sometimes required.


Gingerly helps consumers gain insight into their personal finances in an intuitive manner, at the time and place you need it the most. This ambient sensing mobile application automatically detects and learns your spending habits at the very time of purchase, organizing it in one place for quick, easy reference. With Gingerly, you can set and track your spending budget, access any receipts and purchase details anytime - all while keeping personal information private and secure.


Version 1.0

Released on November 15th, 2012
  • Version 1.0.44

  • NEWExpense Reports Release
    • - Each report stays locally on your phone
    • - You can also send/share the report along with associated receipts
    • - For limited time, try our expense reporting for free. You get free credits for filing 2 reports when you initially download the app. You can also use the code: gingerly2013 inside the app to get 2 expense reports for free
    • - Upgrade to Premium version ($9.99) to get capability to file unlimited expense reports and turn-off ads.
    • We don't process your credit card transactions, Google play store does - so your credit card info never hits our servers.